Slim waist: how to turn a dream into reality

Every woman wants to be slim. Especially in summer, when the layers of clothing are significantly reduced, and all the extra pounds become noticeable to others. When there is a desire to thin the waist, many begin to randomly pump the press in the hope that the tummy will become flat in the shortest possible time. But that doesn't happen. Knowing the basic principles and rules of training for losing weight in the waist area will help speed up the result.

Basic Training Principles for a Slim Waist

You should start by saying that you will not be able to lose weight only in the waist area. If there is excess weight in principle, then it is more correct to start with cardio loads (running, walking, exercise in the orbit track, etc. ), and fat deposits in the abdomen will also go away. This does not mean that you do not need to separately train the abdominal muscles. Additional set of waist exercises will help make your tummy flat and attractive.

Cardio load


Before starting a workout for losing weight in the abdomen, it is imperative to warm up to warm up the muscles.

These can be:

  • 10 minute cardio workout;
  • jumps with leg openings and raising arms;
  • body rotations;
  • bends forward and to the sides;
  • circular rotation of the pelvis;
  • squats.

Warming up the muscles will significantly reduce the risk of injury, reduce their recovery time after exertion, and accelerate the onset of results.

Duration and frequency

With the right approach, your waist workout will take 20-30 minutes. You can, of course, devote an hour or two to this issue daily, but this is the case if you are going to participate in fitness competitions, demonstrating your developed abs cubes.

To lose weight and shape beautiful curves in the abdomen, it is important to exercise regularly: every day or at least every other day.


To see the result faster, it is better to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • reconsider the diet: food should be dietary;
  • observe the drinking regime: at least 2 liters of clean water per day;
  • do exercises in the morning: they will be more effective;
  • do not eat for 1. 5-2 hours after training;
  • 2–3 times a week, massage the abdomen and sides with a scrub.

Common Errors

It often happens that you need to reduce your waist size urgently: you are planning an unscheduled vacation in a week or your friend unexpectedly invited you to your anniversary next weekend. Many begin to exhaust their bodies with physical exercises "until they drop" in the hope that the extra pounds will go away faster. This is not worth doing! Muscles need time to recover after exertion (1-2 days), this will not affect the rate of weight loss. You can't skip workouts, you need to do them regularly and efficiently. Better to complement your daily routine with evening walks, dancing or other outdoor activities.

You don't need to starve yourself in this case either! Metabolism will be disrupted, and centimeters in the waist will only increase, even if you do regular exercise. Meals should be fractional: up to 5 times a day in small portions.

Another common mistake is wrapping with cling film during training. Many people incorrectly think that this can increase the effectiveness of exercise, because fat will be burned more actively. In fact, too much sweating under the film can cause poor health during exercise: along with sweat, fluid is lost, disrupting the body's water balance, moisture under the film remains throughout the entire procedure, which can lead to an increase in body temperature. In this case, the fat deposits remain in place.

Wrapping with cling film during exercise can be hazardous to health

Abdominal Slimming Exercises

There are many exercises for losing weight in the abdomen and sides, you can't change everything. Someone likes simpler tasks, and someone is ready to sweat for a slender figure. In any case, there are training complexes for everyone.


Be sure to get into the habit of doing the plank exercise every day. It will take a minimum of time, and it will bring enough benefits. This exercise works all the abdominal muscles, as well as some of the muscles in the arms, legs, and back. During the plank, a static load of the muscles occurs, due to which metabolism accelerates, blood circulation accelerates, which leads to the breakdown of fat deposits.

Correct Plank Position:

  • the emphasis is on the elbows (spaced across the width of the shoulders) and feet;
  • the bend at the elbows must be at a right angle;
  • Relaxed shoulders
  • the torso should be kept straight, the buttocks should not be lifted up;
  • the abdominal muscles should be tense;
  • raise your head, looking straight ahead.

Table: 30-day plank exercise schedule

Day of p / n Duration of exercise (sec. ) Day of p / n Duration of exercise (sec. ) Day of p / n Duration of exercise (sec. )
1 20 11 60 21 150
2 20 12 90 22 180
3 30 13 rest 23 180
4 30 14 90 24 210
5 40 15 90 25 210
6 rest 16 120 26 rest
7 45 17 120 27 240
8 45 18 150 28 240
9 60 19 rest 29 270
10 60 20 150 30 300

Simple Exercises

You can start shaping your wasp waist with simple exercises. This will help avoid injury to the muscles, their difficult recovery, and also will not discourage the desire to practice in the future, excluding severe fatigue.

Several exercises that should be done 15-20 times in 3 sets:

  • twisting: from a lying position with legs bent at the knees, the shoulders and shoulder blades rise, the lower back is pressed to the floor, does not bend;
  • bicycle: from a prone position with raised bent legs, leg rotations are performed, as if repeating the movement while riding a bicycle;
  • Exercise bike allows you to strengthen the lower part of the press
  • "cat": standing on all fours, abdominal retraction + lower back flexion and complete relaxation are performed alternately with maximum rounding of the shoulder blades;
  • standing with legs spread across the width of the shoulders and dumbbells in lowered hands, side bends are performed;
  • body rotation, standing on the "grace" disc and keeping the legs bent;
  • twisting the hoop for 15-30 minutes.

I spin the hoop and don't do any more abs work. But I will note that I have always been slim with a thin waist (even after the birth of a child), and I twist the hoop to maintain slimness. I have heard a lot of good reviews about hoops (hula-hoops) for weight loss in the waist area. And abdominal exercises really increase the waist.

Abs should be done before burning in the muscles. Only in this case can the desired result be achieved.

Most Effective Exercises

If you have experience with ab training, you can supplement simple exercises with more effective ones that can lead to the goal faster.

Example of training (perform each exercise 15-20 times in 3 sets):

  • oblique twisting: in the prone position (hands behind the head), raise straight legs and touch the right knee with the left elbow (bending it) and vice versa;
  • pushing out the pelvis: lying on the floor, raise straight legs up, pushing out the buttocks at each count;
  • side crunches: lying on your side with your lower arm extended forward, raise your shoulders and legs at the same time;
  • boat: from a prone position, raise the body and legs simultaneously with arms extended forward, hold the position for a few seconds, relax;
  • with a roller: focusing on the knees (feet) and hands, in which the roller is located, we pull the wheel towards us, bending the body.
Roller exercise

The boat exercise, like the plank, is a static view. This type involves muscle tension in certain positions without making movements.

Good evening everyone! After reading the notes, I decided to share my experience in the fight for the waist, I haven't reached the hula hoop yet, I can't find which one I want. She began to act actively on February 26, 2016, with a waist volume of 77 cm, also after two births, she is naturally slender, there is a tummy, but in principle it does not interfere with life, but in the sides it was distributed. Having shoveled a bunch of information on the Internet, I decided to choose exercises in the form of the notorious inclinations of various types, but mainly lateral, again, the notorious wraps and bought a rope) in the course of classes I added exercises for the press, but without fanaticism. today, after daily workouts for 15–20 minutes, and a course of wraps, I did ice and vinegar because I suffer from varicose veins, hot ones speak more efficiently, but alas . . . In general, on April 10, 2016, the waist thickness is 72 cm, believe it or not, onI don't sit on diets, because with an increase of 173 I weigh 62 kg and I can't completely lose weight, otherwise I'll just fall out of my 42 size clothes. I hope that the above will be useful to someone, I'm not a troll, an absolutely real person who has tried the described methods on myself, I do not advertise diets and other miracles. )

Gym Workout

While in the gym, you can use simulators and various devices on which you can pump your abs muscles. Among them:

  • "prayer": kneeling, you need to take the rope handles on a special simulator with both hands (at forehead level), twist with the body, lowering the handles to the floor;
  • with a fitball: lying on the floor with raised shoulders, raise straight legs, between which the ball is clamped (fitball);
  • Fitball
  • "corner": done on a horizontal bar, lifting straight legs or legs bent at the knees. This exercise can be performed on a staircase with a handrail;
  • on bench: body lifts are performed on a bench that is set at a 45 degree angle. In this case, the legs are fixed in the upper part of the simulator.


The above exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles can be performed in the absence of contraindications. These include:

  • prolapse of internal organs;
  • bend of the uterus;
  • period after operations;
  • hernia;
  • malignant neoplasms of the pelvic organs;
  • pregnancy;
  • postpartum period: 2-3 months after natural childbirth, 6 months after cesarean section.

With the right approach to losing weight, the first results will be noticeable in a month or two. In this matter, it is important to observe all the measures in the complex: not only do the exercises conscientiously, but also do not forget about proper nutrition and cosmetic care.