What is diet

Modern women, whatever posts they hold, whatever they are fond of, whatever popularity they have, are united by common concerns. In addition to the fact that each of them strives to be happy, share a shelter with a loved one, give birth and raise children, she wants to look well-groomed, beautiful and slim. If the first two points regarding appearance can be obtained with the support of cosmetics and procedures, then achieving harmony with the help of a diet is much more difficult.

Slender body

What prevents you from looking slim

A lady who is overweight for various reasons has a very difficult situation. Let's remember what is being played on TV, what flyers and posters adorn the facades of buildings, railway stations, subways, airports everywhere. Most often we see shots of cooked food. Remember at least the last way home from work or school. What we often smell besides the smell of exhaust gases is the aroma of baked goods, fried meat, baked chicken, sausages, sausages. We are literally surrounded by stalls in which delicious shawarma is prepared, dumplings are cooked, barbecue is fried, etc. Television has become especially dangerous in this regard. Whichever channel we turn on, most often we find ourselves on a culinary talk show in which they cook fried meat, salads, seafood, pastries, etc. well, who will stay here? How can you resist such a temptation? After all, the nerves are not iron!

So the position of modern ladies is not enviable. Having nibbled on delicious, but high-calorie food and having spent the whole day at a sedentary work, in any case, we have to be horrified by the indicators on the scales. So - you need to go on a diet. And what is it? Someone will laugh and say that everything is clear anyway. But let's still understand this term and find out what types of diets are really effective and enjoyable.

What is and what is a diet

A strange paradox - almost all modern women were on a diet, but at the same time they unanimously say that she is unpleasant for her severity and tastelessness. If someone does not say anything, he will think so to himself. After all, how hard it is to restrain your appetite and eat foods that cause, to put it mildly, rejection. But in our time, some not only "sit" on it, but also manage to earn fabulous money. In any case, the minimum income from the creation of a new "menu" allows you to sit comfortably at home and not work to provide yourself with everything you need. According to the latest estimates, there are about 25 thousand diets in the world, and official ones. After all, most ladies manage to enter their own adjustments into the daily diet created by specialists.

Especially the peak of popularity of diets arises, as expected, after the festive New Year and Christmas feasts and in the month of March and April. After all, the season is not far off when you need to put on a swimsuit and not be ashamed of your forms. In order not to go to the gym or exhaust themselves by jogging, swimming, ladies are sure that with the help of a diet they will throw off everything unnecessary. Well, who does it really well. So what is this phenomenon - diet.

Let's take a look at a medical encyclopedia or dictionary and explore a number of definitions. The origin of the word "diaita" is Greek and in translation literally means diet and lifestyle. In those years, doctors did not create a uniform schedule and method of nutrition for everyone. It was individual and was intended only for a specific person, taking into account his physiological, psychological state.

Already in those days, when people turned to doctors who treated people with herbs and a small amount of drugs created at that time, a list of products was developed that were suitable in this case. Specific time intervals, portion sizes, processing methods, etc. were indicated.

Types of diet food

Types of dietary meals

To date, experts have developed a number of diets, which are subdivided into rational, therapeutic and individual.

  1. Rational is suitable for almost everyone who does not suffer from serious illnesses. The diet should correspond to a person's age, lifestyle, work routine. Nutritionists regularly create balanced nutritional complexes for schoolchildren, workers and those who are forced to work in a hazardous enterprise.
  2. Students need to receive the full range of vitamins, micro and macronutrients in order to increase endurance and improve thinking ability. In contrast to the diets well-known to us, the diet of children contains the necessary fats and carbohydrates, because they are very active and need to compensate for the spent energy.
  3. It is also important for workers to receive a complex of nutrients, but also carbohydrates to gain vigor, energy, which allows them to increase endurance and do better physical work.
  4. As for workers in hazardous production, in addition to the above categories, they necessarily include products that remove toxins, toxins from the body and leveling the effects of chemicals, radiation, etc.

In cases where the diet is prescribed for a person with specific diseases, the doctor draws up a menu based on his condition. For example, for an allergy sufferer, a list of products is compiled that do not provoke allergies and cleanse the body of toxins that remove excess fluid. Doctors also developed a menu for those who have experienced a serious operation or illness and the purpose of healthy nutrition in these cases is to restore the body, remove drug residues from the body, etc. There is a whole science - dietetics, and it was originally intended to create a diet specifically for sick people, schoolchildren, workers.

As you can see, diet and weight loss by modern ladies are mistakenly considered synonyms. A diet for getting rid of excess weight is a completely different category, and, by the way, it should also be compiled on an individual basis, taking into account the state of the body. Moreover, there are a huge number of diets for weight loss, while there are few therapeutic ones and all of them are approved by the Ministry of Health or WHO. And because of this, they usually have no side effects and do not harm the body.

When people started getting addicted to diets

Let's expand the horizons of our knowledge a little and find out how long ago the diet entered human life. And if you look into the past millennia, you can understand that the father of the diet was Pythagoras. Yes, yes, do not be surprised, it was created together with the creation of geometry, which we did not like so much in school years. So, the great scientist of antiquity was the inventor of a certain diet, and now we call it the Pythagorean diet.

It consists of any food other than animal products and legumes. And her goal was not to lose weight, but a way not to suffer from bloating - flatulence.

Then the legendary Hippocrates continued the business. He developed a whole treatise entitled "On Diets", where he noted that each person should select food based solely on the individual characteristics of the body, place of work and residence.

Further, the successor of work on diets became Asclepiades, who persistently pointed out that any ailment can be cured by resorting to a certain type of food, that is, a diet. But all these were the development of a therapeutic diet, there was no question of losing weight then. Probably in those days the problem of being overweight was not so urgent. There were no cars, no offices, so many fast foods and artificial food additives. And people spent more energy, spending extra calories.

When did you start to lose weight with diet

The diet for weight loss first appeared about 200 years ago. It was then that an epidemic of obesity arose, and the healers created the correct diet for the wealthy. The poor did not get fat, they worked hard and ate poorly. But counts, barons, princes and other representatives of the upper class did nothing but arrange balls, eat, drink and move a little.

The 20th century has come - cars appeared, technology began to replace human labor almost everywhere. There was a problem of excess weight, and, of course, residents of cities and megalopolises were more susceptible to it. And the women looked at themselves differently, because they left in their former long skirts and crinolines. And cropped dresses flaunted full legs and not a single socially active woman could accept this.

To date, the fight against excess weight has become the main "point" in the life of the bulk of people, and men have also joined. Technologies do not stand still, people eat, sit in offices and eat there, go home - again swallow food and so on without stopping. You need to get rid of all that is superfluous, no one argues with this. But this must be done correctly, after consulting with a doctor.

principles of dietetics

What are the principles of dietetics

Let's continue to talk about the diet for weight loss seriously and tell you what principles the important science of nutrition is based on. So, it all comes down to one thing - during the day, a certain amount of calories enters our body. Depending on what the metabolism is and how much a person eats, the number of calories can be different. Food is energy, and it should come in less than we expend. If this happens, the stored reserves are used, which the body holds for "emergency" situations. If we receive more energy than we should, then the reserves remain in their places, and the excess ones join them. This is how fatty sides, cheeks, etc. grow.

Whatever diet a person would not follow for weight loss, each of them should be accompanied by generally accepted and proven by doctors rules.

  1. Get up from the table a little bit hungry.
  2. Eat 5-6 times a day.
  3. Portions must fit in two folded hands.
  4. Last meal 3 hours before bedtime.
  5. Sleep for at least 7-8 hours.
  6. Drink at least 2 liters of clean, gas-free water a day.

As for the color of the products, their shape, the place of origin - all these are gimmicks thanks to which many have earned good money for themselves. An excellent diet can be composed of affordable and cost-effective foods.

Why our belly is growing

Now let's take a closer look at why women have a rounded belly and it is very difficult to get rid of fat in this particular part of the body. Especially the question begins to bother about the age of 26 and beyond. Moreover, there is a problem not only for those who already have the happiness of being a mother, but also for those who have not given birth. The whole point lies in our direct, natural purpose - motherhood.

  1. To prevent the embryo from being injured, nature creates a protective barrier. And even if a woman is not pregnant, the term of motherhood inherent in the genes comes, which means that the body works according to its natural schedule and accumulates a layer of protective fat in this place.
  2. The second reason is that when carrying a child, the muscles stretch, they cease to be elastic and elastic. And, despite the fact that about six months after delivery, they seem to be "drawn in", yet the predisposition remains. With the slightest weight gain, loss of appetite control, the stomach will begin to round. Probably many of us were surprised at this phenomenon - a thin lady, with chiseled legs, it would seem, skin and bones. But no, the tummy still sticks out. All these are the consequences of childbirth and the natural position of a woman's reproductive organism.

What are the sharp edges of the diet

Before going on a strict diet, women tend to tune in for a long time and exhaust themselves with a strict diet. At the same time, she can visit a fitness club, a swimming pool, but the lack of nutrients and the alluring aromas of ubiquitous restaurants and bars lead to breakdowns. Also, don't forget about the stresses of modern life. Constant employment, exaggerated demands from bosses, competition not only at the workplace, but also on the personal front, create all the conditions for a woman to stop dieting and gorge herself on fried food with a colossal amount of carbohydrates.

For this reason, experienced doctors strongly recommend that you do not look for a strict diet and torture yourself. It is necessary to choose a lifestyle and diet that would allow you not to gain excess weight and at the same time bring pleasure.

How to do it? - everything is very easy and simple.

  1. There is no need to find yourself in the pleasure of tasting your favorite dish, just do it wisely and learn to control your appetite. The same 150 grams of the product will bring no less pleasure than all 300 grams. A glass of pure water will help in this. Drink it in one gulp before you sit down at the table. The liquid will fill part of your stomach and you will feel full.
  2. The second way - after eaten, make a "bar", run on the simulator for 10 minutes, no more.
  3. Get into the habit of taking daily walks, walk for 2-3 hours, walk calmly, without haste, enjoy relaxation and fresh air. Take a few sips of clean, still water from the bottle every 15 minutes.
  4. If you are a beer lover, then there is no point in dreaming about losing weight. In any case, for those who do not miss the opportunity to drink a glass of intoxicating drink, at least 3-4 times a week. And even if you exhaust yourself by swinging the press, it will not help. Beer contains hormones that disrupt metabolism, and the accumulation of fat mass occurs spontaneously. Remember men who are also beer gourmets, they always have "representative" bellies. So, if you want to get rid of the beer belly and cannot live without intoxicating drinks, switch to dry wine. 2-3 glasses a week will not interfere, but will improve the work of the cardiovascular system, cleanse blood vessels, activate the work of all parts of the brain.

And finally, the most important principle - you shouldn't give up food. You just need to know when to stop and lead an active lifestyle in everything. By combining these two points, a slim figure and good condition will be ensured.

Tricky Slimming Tricks

Tricky Slimming Tricks

Many complain that they seem to eat little and continue to get better. But we do not even notice how we manage to gobble up so much food in a short period, which is not just about losing weight, but also a normal state of health. Chips, croissants, croutons, commercial pizza, hamburgers, sandwiches, fried sausages, shawarma, pasta, mashed potatoes, fried chicken, etc.

And all this happens when watching TV, working near a computer, running about on professional issues. We do not notice that we are stuffing our stomachs with harmful and high-calorie foods. To minimize this danger, we suggest following simple tricks.

  1. For lunch or dinner, which should take place no later than 6 pm, put a portion into the smallest plate. There should be no more than 50 grams of cereals with fiber, 100 grams of carbohydrates and 200 grams of salad.
  2. Do not handle the fork. After putting a portion in your mouth, put the appliance on the table, otherwise you will jam your mouth without stopping.
  3. Always keep fruit with you, not chips or croutons. A container with green apples, plums, pears and other green gifts of nature, in which the mass of fiber, hard fibers, will not allow you to absorb a large amount of carbohydrates. Bring a fruit bowl to work, let it show off at the monitor and with every next desire to eat something, get its contents. Hold on for 3 weeks and this habit will turn into a habit, and then into a useful addiction.
  4. We brush our teeth in the morning and after every meal. Thus, on a subconscious level, we understand that we will not eat more for a long time. Brush your teeth several times throughout the day after a short meal and your body will feel "false" satiety.
  5. Avoid drinking alcohol. They irritate the mucous membranes and cause an unremitting appetite. Quite often, people who have held on and sat on rigid diets for a long time break down precisely at parties where alcohol is used.
  6. Remove food from visible points so as not to be tempted. Get rid of the habit of leaving pots with cutlets, meatballs, fried chicken legs, etc. on the stove. The same goes for pies, pies, dumplings and other high-calorie foods. Everything in packages, containers and in the refrigerator.
  7. Water is also food. If you feel hungry - drink a glass of clean water. Especially use small meals between meals.
  8. Go to the store with a well-fed state and a ready-made list. Give yourself and keep your word that you can easily give up chocolates, pastries, cakes, etc. In order not to encroach on high-calorie foods - go directly to the department of vegetables, cereals, fish, fermented milk names. And take with you enough money to be enough only for those on the list.
  9. If you want to be healthy and slim - find like-minded people and create a whole support team. Together, you can move mountains, and lose weight - even more so. Together with your friends, you will record your progress and can show off your slim figures together.
  10. Cook differently. You are used to cooking porridge with the inclusion of fatty pork, beef. Skip and use turkey meat, chicken breast, rabbit meat, lean fish, seafood, etc. Instead of cutlets and chops, cook vegetable stews, bake vegetables, salads from green vegetables, herbs, try to use a raw food diet more often.
  11. If at your workplace every now and then presented with gifts of sweets, start to refuse. Don't do it harshly, just explain that you switched to a healthy diet. As a last resort, pass it on to those who are not concerned about this issue.
  12. Collect all the big things that are now small thanks to your efforts and throw them away. Present to the one that has not yet thought about her difficult situation, hinting that becoming slim and healthy is easy and simple.
  13. After the breakdowns, do not be nervous, control yourself and keep fighting. Naturally, breakdowns cause serious stress, and women give up for this reason. No need - go on, it's okay, everyone has failures. If you stop, nothing will come of it and you will have to “admire” the reflection in the mirror until the end of your days and feel health problems.

And finally, the main thing. With good results, do not be dizzy with success. You need to understand that getting rid of extra pounds is not a result, but an ongoing process that should not be stopped. If you decide to always look beautiful, be slim and healthy, stick to a healthy diet and an active lifestyle regularly. This should become your habit, which will gradually develop into a valuable addiction.