How to quickly lose 10 kg at home

To get rid of extra pounds, people apply strict diets, unbearable loads, hunger strikes. Even if results are achieved, the weight returns again. To lose weight quickly, you need to use scientifically based methods. They are built on proper nutrition and are safe for health.

Fast Weight Loss Mechanism

To get rid of extra pounds in a short time, follow the rules:

  • Increase your water intake.Doctors recommend drinking 30–35 ml per 1 kg of body weight per day. Water improves lymphatic drainage, helps to remove toxic substances from the body, increase metabolism, and reduce hunger.
  • Balance your diet.Half of your diet should be vegetables, 1/4 - healthy carbohydrates and protein.
  • Go in for sports.Strength exercises, cardio loads (walking, running, swimming, exercising on simulators) will tighten the skin, add energy, and tone the body.
  • Observe the diet.Do not skip lunch and breakfast, light dinner should be 4 hours before bedtime. Eliminate starvation.
  • Create a calorie deficitby reducing carbohydrates.
  • Keep a food journal.You will see what food you eat, how often you overeat, learn about your eating habits that you do not notice.
  • Eliminate alcohol.Alcoholic drinks and beer contain a huge amount of calories, provoke overeating.
  • Set realistic goals to lose weight.If your hopes are not met, it causes disappointment, discourages the desire to lose weight.
Fast weight loss mechanism

Safe Weight Loss Rate

No matter how much you want to quickly get rid of extra pounds, doctors recommend doing it gradually. You need to choose a diet that can be followed for a long time.

The rate of weight loss differs for men and women, depending on the initial overweight, concomitant pathologies, especially endocrine ones.

The more mass, the faster the process of losing weight. Weight loss safe for health - up to 1 kg per week.

Evidence-Based Methods

Weight loss methods supported by medical science:

  • Intermittent fasting.
  • Reducing carbohydrates.
  • Control of the intake and consumption of calories.
  • Proper nutrition with reduced sugar, increased protein and fiber.
  • Compliance with the daily regimen, physical activity and conscious eating.

Intermittent fasting

Try intermittent fasting techniques to lose weight quickly. It is necessary to alternate the days of fasting and regular meals. Losing weight occurs due to a lack of calories. Popular Intermittent Fasting Options:

  • One day you eat as usual, the next day you use only 25% of your usual need.
  • Method 16/8. You do not eat from 8 pm until noon and can eat the rest of the time.
  • Diet 5/2. On weekends, the daily calorie content does not exceed 600 kilocalories. On other days, the diet is normal.

Proper nutrition

If you want to lose weight quickly, you don't have to switch to vegetarian food, eat gluten-free foods, greatly reduce portions. It is important to organize proper nutrition. The diet should include:

  • Vegetable and animal proteins that restore strength.
  • Healthy carbohydrates for satiety.
  • Vegetable oils, seeds, nuts, fish, containing healthy fats.
  • Vegetables and fruits rich in fiber, preferably raw.

Follow the nutritional guidelines:

  • Eat high quality natural products, exclude canned food, sweeteners, convenience foods, pickles, smoked and fried foods.
  • Eat small meals 6 times a day to reduce hunger.
  • Use products with coarse fibers. They become a breeding ground for beneficial bacteria in the intestines. Natural prebiotics are found in oats, barley, avocado, onion and asparagus.
  • Limit sugar, flour, sweets, and salt.
  • Eliminate liquid calories found in juices, sugary carbonated drinks.

Reducing starch and sugar intake

For fast weight loss, it is important to limit the intake of fast carbs. Its main sources are sugar and starchy foods. Benefits of cutting carbs:

  • The level of insulin decreases, the kidneys better remove fluid from the body.
  • Energy is supplied by burning fat reserves.
  • A low-carb diet reduces appetite so you can lose weight quickly without feeling hungry.

Remove rice, flour products, pasta and potatoes from your diet. These foods are easy to digest and are quickly converted to glucose.

Replace the available carbohydrate - sugar - with healthy apples, berries, nuts.

They increase metabolism, weaken cravings for sweets.

If it is difficult to cut carbs right away, switch to a diet that restricts carbs 6 days a week. On weekends, you can indulge yourself in chocolate, some whole grain brown rice, and baked potatoes to avoid disruptions.

Increase in dietary protein and fiber

Increase in dietary protein and fiber

If you want to lose weight quickly, eat a protein meal for breakfast. This will help reduce the production of the hunger hormone ghrelin and increase the level of leptin, which is responsible for satiety. It is useful to eat oatmeal, dairy products, eggs, cottage cheese in the morning. The daily diet should contain:

  • Meat:chicken, turkey, beef, lean pork.
  • Vegetable proteins:beans, lentils, nuts.
  • Seafood, fish,containing unsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids - trout, salmon.

Fiber is important for weight loss. It makes you feel full quickly. Products that contain it are not digested in the small intestine, therefore they remove harmful substances from the body. Fiber is found in fruits and vegetables. Choose low-carb foods for your diet:

  • Cabbage:cauliflower, broccoli, white cabbage, Brussels sprouts.
  • Cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, various salads and herbs.
  • Fruits and berries:apricots, oranges, strawberries, cranberries, black currants.

Control of intake and expenditure of calories

It is known that for fast weight loss it is necessary that energy expenditure exceeds its intake from food. You can count calories using special calculators, but this is not always convenient. You will lose weight if you limit the amount of carbohydrates to 20-50 g per day, will eat vegetables and protein foods.

Constantly counting calories is difficult and tiring. Possible ways out of the situation:

  • Increase your physical activity, drink more water.
  • Count once: how many calories you get from food during the day. Reduce this amount by 20% and find an approximate diet for yourself.
  • Write in your diary what you eat, how the weight changes, taking into account the implemented solutions.
  • Enlist the support of loved ones. This will help you avoid a breakdown and keep you motivated to lose weight.

Conscious Eating

Food is a source of energy. For normal functioning of the body, a person must receive the required amount of nutrients. This process regulates hunger. It is not uncommon for people to start eating during times of stress, anxiety, or depression. This leads to weight gain. To lose weight, it is important to eat mindfully:

  • Don't sit down at the table without feeling hungry.
  • Pay attention to how and what you eat.
  • Avoid snacks on the run, do not eat while watching TV, phone.
  • Choose foods that provide an energy boost for several hours.
  • Do not use food as a reward for your actions or deeds.
  • Chew your food thoroughly: during this time the brain will receive a signal of satiety, and you will not overeat.
Conscious eating

Compliance with the daily routine

Sleeping less than 6 hours increases your risk of obesity. If a person does not get enough rest at night, his metabolism slows down. Disruption of metabolic processes forces the body to store fat.

Poor sleep increases the production of insulin, the hormones leptin and ghrelin, which are responsible for controlling appetite.

Doctors recommend: to lose weight quickly, you need to get enough sleep. Try to go to bed at the same time, get up in the morning without an alarm clock.

When you are constantly under stress, the hormone cortisol is released. It sends a signal to the brain that the body is lacking in nutrients. This leads to increased appetite. Learning to manage stress is important. To do this, set aside time during the day for walks, meditation and yoga. Use different relaxation methods more often, master breathing exercises.

Dangerous methods of fast weight loss

To get rid of those extra pounds, you need to tune in to a long process. Losing weight quickly can cause serious health problems. Dangerous Weight Loss Techniques:

  • Fasting.Prolonged restriction of food causes an energy deficit, leads to a decrease in immunity, the development of diseases. A starvation diet can result in cardiac arrest and death.
  • Cleansing the stomach after eating with vomiting. The technique often leads to malnutrition, eating disorders (bulimia), ulcers, ruptures of the esophagus and stomach.
  • Use of drugs for weight loss.It often causes dehydration, serious side effects that threaten health.
  • Coding for obesityas an attempt to influence the symptom. The real reason for being overweight often remains.
  • Partial gastric removalfor weight loss. As a result of the operation, the absorption of vitamins and nutrients is disrupted. You can lose weight dramatically, but you will need to change your diet and use medications for life.
  • Liposuction- removal of excess fat in certain areas of the body. Complications of this technique are hernia, infection.
Taking medications for weight loss

Taking Medications for Weight Loss

Many hope to lose weight quickly and not make great efforts. People without the supervision and prescription of a doctor buy "magic" pills. Such drugs are not intended for weight loss, and often are hazardous to health. Types of medicines and their consequences:

  • Diuretics.Tablets remove excess fluid, which can cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalance.
  • Laxatives.They quickly (1–12 hours) remove the contents of the large intestine. Food that affects excess weight is absorbed in the small intestine, and only fluid is excreted from the body. Medicines disrupt the process of defecation, lead to damage to the intestines, constipation, diarrhea with blood.
  • Tablets, which suppress appetite, stop the absorption of fat, affect the brain receptors responsible for hunger. They all have many side effects. Such drugs cause surges in blood pressure, insomnia, and disruption of the internal organs.

Coding for obesity

People who are desperate to lose weight turn to psychotherapists. During a coding session, they are taught that eating junk food is dangerous. A person remembers this and, out of fear, stops eating foods that lead to obesity, due to which he quickly loses weight. Loss of large body weight in a short time disrupts body functions. An attitude of constant fear or anxiety provokes a nervous breakdown, depression.

Coding techniques remove the symptom of overeating, but do not solve the problem that caused the excess weight.

If obesity is provoked by psychological reasons, after completing the course, patients begin to drink alcohol or smoke instead of eating.

Obesity coding

At the end of the program, weight loss stops, appetite appears, excess weight gains.

Cutting the stomach

Surgical intervention is performed with significant excess body weight. After cutting the stomach, the amount of food eaten at one time decreases. This leads to rapid weight loss, but requires constant dieting. The operation threatens with complications, including:

  • Frequent intestinal infections, heartburn, anemia.
  • The need to take medications that contain vitamins and trace elements all his life due to impaired absorption of nutrients.