Slimming exercises

To lose weight quickly and effectively, you need to spend more calories than is absorbed from food. Cutting your diet to a minimum is not an option. The body must receive its daily intake of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. One thing remains - to slightly reduce the calorie content of the menu and increase physical activity.

Much of your weight loss success depends on the effectiveness of the exercises you choose.First, they must correspond to the level of training and cause satisfaction, otherwise the desire to practice will come to naught and training will be abandoned. Secondly, you should focus on burning fat in the problem area, not bypassing everyone else. That is, it is necessary to work on the whole body.

Consider the most effective weight loss exercises that can be performed as a single complex or included in your own program separately.

Warm Up Exercises

Always start training with a warm-up to prepare the body for the load and avoid injury.Suitable exercises:

  • rotation of the head to the left and to the right - 15 times;
  • swing your arms forward and backward - 15 times;
  • rotation of the pelvis clockwise and counterclockwise - 12 times;
  • body turns in both directions - 12 times;
  • jumping in place - 15 times.


Burpee targets several muscle groups: core, calves, thighs and upper body.The exercise is difficult, but the results are worth it.

First, the person stands up and places their feet shoulder-width apart. Then he does squats. During each squat, he lingers in this position, touches the floor in front of the body with both hands and jumps back with his legs, lowering the chest. After without delay, he raises his chest and jumps forward, taking the previous squat position. And again returning to a standing position, he jumps up, raising his hands to the ceiling. All movements are performed quickly and rhythmically.

Abs Exercise

Lie on your back, bend your knees and place your hands behind the back of your head. As you exhale, slowly raise your body, or at least raise your shoulders and back, and while inhaling, lower it.

Attention! Both on inhalation and on exhalation, it is necessary to strain the abdominal muscles, and not the hips and neck. If you ignore this rule, then you can complete at least 100 approaches in a day, but still not achieve any result.


The plank strengthens all muscles and activates intensive burning of fat in problem areas.Starting position - lying with an emphasis on outstretched arms, hands directed forward, straight back and lower back, slightly raised chin. It is necessary to tighten the abdominal muscles and fix the position for 1 minute, trying not to bend and not to fill up the pelvis. And then get down on your knees, relax your entire body as much as possible, rest and repeat the exercise.

Attention! The plank is done every day, gradually increasing the duration of being in a fixed position to three minutes.

Jumping Jack

This is a good and simple cardio exercise for weight loss that can be easily done at home. With your legs wide apart, you need to jump, waving your arms up and down. To keep pace with the rhythm, you can clap over your head with each jump. In total, you need to do 2-3 sets of 15 jumps. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.

Jumping out

Jumping out will help strengthen and adjust the shape of the buttocks and thighs.Standing in a relaxed state, feet at shoulder level, clasp your hands behind the back of your head. Inhale and sit in such a way that your hips are parallel to the floor, without lifting your feet from it or arching your back forward. Exhale and contract your gluteal and thigh muscles, and then jump up as high as possible. With your heels touching the floor, immediately return to the previous squat position and repeat the jump.