Buckwheat diet. How to lose weight on buckwheat correctly?

Everyone is familiar with the expression "beauty requires sacrifice. "There are many sad cases when women in pursuit of ideal body shapes paid for them with serious health problems. However, you can become the owner of a slender figure without such experiments. A safe and effective way will help in this - buckwheat diet.

Why do so many women choose buckwheat diet?

the essence of the buckwheat diet for weight loss
  • Easily tolerated by the body and allows you to lead an active lifestyle;
  • Not a "hungry" way to lose weight;
  • Short in duration - 1-2 weeks;
  • Not only fatty layer disappears, but also cellulite;
  • The diet involves the rejection of salt - kidneys and liver are additionally cleansed of toxins;
  • Unpleasant and painful sensations (weakness, lethargy, headaches) do not occur;
  • High results.

How much can you lose weight on buckwheat in a week? About 7-8 kilograms. In two weeks, you can even lose 15-20 kg, depending on the characteristics of the body. At the same time, it is useful to adhere to such a diet no more than twice a year, taking breaks for six months.

How to lose weight on buckwheat correctly?

In order not to harm yourself and achieve good results, try not to change these rules:

  • Monitor your well-being - if you feel unwell, immediately give up this way of eating!
  • Avoid salt, spices and sauces altogether;
  • how to lose weight on a buckwheat diet
  • Drink 1. 5-3 liters of liquid a day. It can be non-carbonated drinking or mineral water, herbal, green, vitamin tea;
  • Do not eat later than 3-4 hours before bedtime;
  • Increase the consumption of kefir (fat content no more than 1%) to one liter per day. Do not add anything to buckwheat other than it and apple pieces.

How to prepare buckwheat for a diet?

The choice of the cereal itself is also important. We need unground buckwheat, not done. The first is a whole grain containing a large amount of macronutrients, which the second cannot boast of.

Pay attention to the color of the grains - greenish brown contains more vitamins than the traditional dark one.

Boiling cereals is undesirable, as in this case it will lose a lot of nutritional properties that should help you achieve good results. Prepare 500 g of buckwheat in the evening (this is the entire volume of your diet the next day), pour 1. 5 liters of boiling water over it, wrap the pot with cereals with warm cloth until morning. You can steam buckwheat in a thermos.

Buckwheat diet for 7 days

During all this time, try not to exceed the norm - 0. 5 kg of cereals and 1 liter of kefir per day. If it's hard for you to eat only these products, it is permissible to dilute the menu with the following:

  • Vegetable oil. A small amount can be used to fertilize porridge;
  • Natural (unsweetened) yogurt. Use instead of boiling water for steaming cereals;
  • Bow. Add it to buckwheat as a spice substitute. By the way, it also helps to protect the immune system.
  • Dried fruits. They keep the body in good shape thanks to the content of vitamins. You can eat no more than a dozen large berries per day.
  • Honey. You can add one teaspoon to buckwheat.

Your menu for the "buckwheat week" should look something like this:

  • Breakfast. Buckwheat with honey or dried fruits.
  • Lunch. Buckwheat with sunflower oil.
  • Dinner. Buckwheat with kefir or yogurt.

Quitting the buckwheat diet

In order to consolidate the results and not strike the digestive tract, after the end of the "buckwheat week", follow these simple instructions:

  • Do not arrange a "belly festival" in honor of the end of the diet - try to eat the same small portions, gradually increasing their volume, finish the meal 4 hours before bedtime;
  • Reduce the amount of buckwheat in the diet gradually by adding lean meat and fish, eggs, grain bread, yogurt to it;
  • Give preference to stewed and steamed dishes;
  • Try to eat more fruits;
  • Avoid fatty and sweet foods (from confectionery it is useful to leave only dark chocolate on the menu);
  • Exercise periodically.

Undoubtedly, you can find a dream figure by choosing a buckwheat diet for yourself. The main thing is to follow all the listed recommendations and believe in yourself!