Diet Favorite for weight loss: menu for 7 and 14 days

heart and favorite diet for weight loss

Diet restrictions have become the norm for many people. For the sake of reducing the hips and waist by a couple of centimeters, women exhaust their bodies. But the process can be enjoyable and have the same name. This diet is chosen by the majority of the female population. Why? Yes, if only because she has absorbed the best of a huge number of ways to limit the diet.

General description of the diet

The Favorite diet is presented in two versions, depending on the number of days. At the same time, the basic ideology of the diet is preserved in both versions. Being a collection of mono diets, which is not new to the modern practitioner who wants to lose weight, this diet has advantages and disadvantages. She received exactly the same reviews.

Taking into account one way or another to lose a couple of kilograms, a person must adequately assess his health. It is recommended to complete all tests and consult a doctor before any diet. It is also necessary to take into account the factor of individual intolerance to certain products.

It is advisable, for a certain period, namely, how long the chosen diet option lasts, to postpone all matters for later. During all this time, slags, toxins and simply products of the body's production will be removed from the body. Before starting it, you should study the reviews and results of people who have passed it. It will not be superfluous to listen to the opinion of doctors.

How does it work?

The essence of the diet is in its fasting days. Recalling that a diet is a combination of mono-diets, one can immediately make the opinion that only one type of product will be allowed to be consumed during one day. This mechanism is designed to speed up the metabolic process in the body. To do this, he will need to create all the conditions for "shock" therapy.

Being in a state of stress, due to the intake of only one type of product, broken down a little later into a micronutrient, the body is forced to rethink the processing of all nutrients. As a result of such work, energy is consumed. Putting aside the most valuable for normal physiological functioning, the body is forced to burn the lipid layer.

before and after following your favorite diet

In this case, the restructuring will occur every day throughout the entire cycle. Some women claim that in a seven-day period they manage to lose from 5 to 10 kilograms, see the results from the photo below. However, another percentage of women are a little disappointed, since due to the individual characteristics of the structure, they lose on average only one and a half kilograms.

Advantages, disadvantages and contraindications of the diet Favorite

Reviews from the photo speak about the positive aspects. Getting a shake, kilograms are lost. This is ideal if you need to urgently bring your figure to the desired date, event, and so on.

Choosing a favorite diet with a minimum number of days, the least stress on the body occurs. Simultaneously with weight loss, willpower is hardened, a character is manifested, which, it would seem, was dozing in a soft body.

Unfortunately, there are many more disadvantages to such stressful diets. There is an increased load on the kidneys. In the process of the diet, as well as after its completion, problems in the work of the gastrointestinal tract are noticeable. A small, but still existing percentage of people note the appearance of diseases of the stomach and intestines.

Often there is anemia in various stages, as well as other types of deficiencies associated with a lack of vitamins and microelements. It is worth remembering that the metabolic process that is standard for the body is disrupted. At the same time, it slows down, as a result of the hunger strike of the body. Nature designed the body to preserve life, because metabolic processes slow down, which is evident from the lack of calorie burning. This stage is different for everyone.

photos before and after your favorite diet

If all points and recommendations are not followed, a parallel can be drawn as a result. Wanting to lose, for example, three kilograms of fat, a person will lose 3 kilograms of muscle mass, plus a few liters of fluid that any person needs for normal health. During the diet, you need to listen to it. In case of discomfort or painful sensations, the diet stops immediately.

Considering all of the above disadvantages, we can confidently single out the group of people for whom this diet is strictly contraindicated:

  • If the person has any form of gastritis. Every third person in the homeland suffers from this disease;
  • If a diagnosis is made or if there is a suspicion of colon inflammation (colitis);
  • It should not be used by people with liver and kidney diseases;
  • If you have digestive problems;
  • The presence of cardiovascular disease;
  • It is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation;
  • Blood pressure problems. During a diet in this category of people, sharp surges in blood pressure are noticeable, which increases the risk of stroke.

General recommendations

Diet Favorite is an unbalanced diet with its own characteristics:

  1. Strange as it may sound, but for this period any, even minimal physical activity should be excluded. Even the simplest and easiest fitness exercises require the presence of certain components in the body, as well as an overall calm, non-stressful state;
  2. It is necessary to evenly distribute fluid intake over this period. With any diet option, a person will experience hunger, which he will try to drown out with water. This cannot be done, since the kidneys already have a significant share of the load. It is advisable to drink water in small portions, no more than 50 ml in one sitting, 30 minutes before and after meals;
  3. Having chosen an option and coming to its end, you should follow the way out of your favorite diet. He relies on the diet of the last day. This regime should be maintained for about the same time as the person was on a limited diet;
  4. You can not repeat the diet immediately or after a short period of time, even if you choose a gentle option. If desired, it can be repeated after a year. The whole point of this question is that having received only a small part of what they want, many women argue that if you repeat and continue such a diet, you will be able to lose a few more kilograms. This will not happen, and the damage to health will be significantly high;
  5. Drink one tablespoon of vegetable oil every day. The unknown author of this idea explains this by the need for the presence of fats in the body, at least in a minimal amount;
  6. Drink at least one cup of herbal tea daily. Some adepts exchange it for green tea;
  7. The last meal should be at least 2-5 hours before bedtime;
  8. During the diet, it is necessary to take a complex of vitamins, since the diet is not balanced.

Strict, wine and smooth

The beloved's diet menu is designed for every day throughout the week. This is a low-calorie type of diet, the result of which, on average, for some women is expressed as a figure of 6 kilograms.

Generalized menu for 7 days:

  • The first day is drinking;
  • The second day is vegetable;
  • The third day is drinking;
  • The fourth day is fruity;
  • The fifth day is protein;
  • Sixth day - drinking;
  • The seventh day is the day when you need to gradually get out of this diet. Ideally, the exit from the diet of a loved one should continue for as many days as the diet itself lasted.

Detailed option

  1. Now the menu is detailed. A drinking day means liquid food. On such days, and there will be three of them in the seven-day version, it is recommended to drink broths without adding spices, as they will dull the feeling of hunger. The emphasis is on pure non-carbonated drinking water, as well as herbal teas. The amount of liquid consumption is not limited. It is allowed to drink natural kefir with a minimum fat content. As for juices, the opinion of experts differed. Some of them believe that freshly squeezed juices are practically comparable to food, others perceive them as a healthy drink;
  2. Vegetables are complex carbohydrates, therefore, during the second day, it is recommended to consume them raw. But to calm the stomach after drinking a day, you can boil them or steam them. Various salads become a lifesaver on this day. You can experiment and drink carrot juice, in tandem with celery juice. It is an excellent formulation for improving skin condition. The average volume of each serving is 300 grams. The number of receptions is also limited, there are only five of them;
  3. Fruits containing a large amount of sugar are prohibited. These are grapes and bananas. It is advisable to lean on fruits rich in pectin on this day. These are apples, pineapples and so on. Pectin will help to saturate the body, and the itchy feeling of hunger in the stomach will recede. Favorite fruit for this day should be grapefruit due to its beneficial properties;
  4. The fifth day is a joy for a losing weight person and at the same time a great temptation to overeat. On this day, food with protein content is consumed. The most popular are skinless chicken, boiled eggs. On this "festive" day, you can cook something from seafood, sea fish or low-fat cottage cheese. Dishes are prepared according to recipes that do not use sauces and seasonings. The volume of cooked protein foods should not exceed the one kilogram mark;
  5. The final stage in the seven-day diet is the minimum concentration, in one day, of everything that was eaten and drunk in a week.

Sample menu to exit

  • For breakfast, you can cook oatmeal in milk or boil eggs;
  • Eat fruit for lunch;
  • Soup is a liquid dish, on the menu of any person, should be present without a diet. For the second, you can cook meat in the oven or use a piece of meat previously prepared for broth;
  • For an afternoon snack, cottage cheese with fresh or dry fruits is recommended. The order of food consumption for afternoon tea and lunch is not fundamental. They can be swapped. Eat fermented milk products in the morning, and fruit in the afternoon;
  • You can dine with a fresh salad combined with baked meat or fish.

Regardless of the current day, you need to drink at least 1. 5-2 liters of water daily. Eating during the day occurs in five passes. In order not to be mistaken in portions, some advise to determine it by the size of your clenched fist.

food for your favorite diet

A favorite diet for 12 days, in principle, does not differ much from the strict version. It also has an alternation of drinking, vegetable and protein days. However, this version is divided into four stages:

  1. The most difficult is the first stage, which lasts three days, during which only kefir and yogurt are drunk. The only advantage is that the number of portions, as well as the frequency of consumption, are not limited.
  2. For the next three days, apples are the main diet. Apples can be consumed in any form. This means you can squeeze juice out of them, you can bake them, make them puree and so on.
  3. The third stage is protein. At this time, skinless poultry meat is cooked. It is allowed during this period to fry it in a small amount of olive oil. During these three days, it is necessary to strictly control the portion rate, as well as the number of meals.
  4. The fourth stage is the most unusual and interesting. For the next three days, the consumption of hard cheese and red wine is allowed. The approximate proportions are as follows, for one glass of dry red wine alone, there are 30 grams of cheese. However, this approach to diet does not serve as a signal for alcohol abuse. In some cases, it is useful and recommended to replace red wine with natural pomegranate juice.
  5. For a smooth exit from this diet and fostering a healthy habit of proper nutrition, a favorite diet for 14 days of the menu is recommended, which is not supplemented with any new products. On the 13th and 14th day of such a diet, it is allowed to consume all products, as well as with a smooth exit from a seven-day diet.
photos before and after following your favorite diet

The 12-day option is the most difficult, but it also shows great results. For example, judging by the reviews, within 12 days people managed to lose at least 10 kilograms. As a small helper to abstain from hunger, psychologists do not recommend using red and yellow colors in the design of the kitchen, since, on the contrary, they whet the appetite. The blue color, on the contrary, will serve as an assistant to reduce appetite for this difficult and for some very long period. This type of diet is adopted as a last resort, because the body does not receive all the nutrients. In addition, for almost two weeks or even one, he is in a state of constant stress.

It is necessary to prepare the body for the diet in advance. To do this, you can reduce the number of servings, give preference to lean meats, and exclude frying from cooking methods. Nutritionists strongly recommend choosing more gentle ways to get rid of extra pounds. The optimal diet is your favorite, one that was developed individually for each person, based on all existing diseases and other characteristics.