Experience of use Keto Advanced Fat Burner

Experience with Keto Advanced Fat Burner by Emma from Brussels

Experience with Keto Advanced Fat Burner by Emma from Brussels

All my life I have been struggling with a hereditary problem - being overweight, and although I tried to keep myself in shape, the reflection in the mirror could not please me in any way. Desperate, I decided to try a new advanced fat burner, and I want to tell you about the results.

As I already mentioned, I got the problem with weight from my parents, in my family everyone is quite fat. It is our tradition to eat a lot, something fatty and high-calorie. I got used to this kind of nutrition since childhood, but it turned out to be incredibly difficult to wean myself from eating junk food.

Besides, my problem is not only nutrition, but also metabolism. Unfortunately, every extra piece is instantly deposited on my sides and stomach, which is why I need to monitor my diet even more carefully.

I've been losing weight almost all my adult life, I try to cook healthy food, I go jogging. But this gives only a minor and temporary effect, as soon as I overeat or allow myself to eat some kind of junk food, like pizza or burger, all my progress disappears.

It is very difficult to control yourself, especially if you hardly see the result. So after reading about the Keto Advanced Fat Burner keto pills, I became very interested in this tool. I loved the idea that you can eat normally, just have fewer carbs, and lose weight quickly.

I bought the drug on the website, ordered several packages at once for a full course of treatment - three months. Delivery turned out to be very fast and in a week I was already picking up the package at the post office.

How to use

I followed the instructions and drank the capsules twice a day. I practically did not change the diet, except that I began to eat more fish and cheeses, the calories began to turn out even a little more than usual. I have not been involved in sports for a long time, but I decided that a little running in the evenings would not hurt me, and if I was lucky, I might lose more weight.

In the first days, the changes were imperceptible, but by the end of the first week I lost 2 kilograms. There was no limit to my happiness, but it was just the beginning! In 3 months I have lost 20 kilograms!

Now I recommend capsules to all my friends and even relatives, my mother also managed to lose 38 kilograms. Try it and see that getting slim and attractive is easier than you think!

Experience of using Keto Advanced Fat Burner by Jacques from Paris

Experience with Keto Advanced Fat Burner by Jacques from Paris

I would never have thought that as I got older I would have problems with being overweight, because I have always been a pretty skinny guy. But after 30, my metabolism began to slow down, and I gained a lot of weight.

I'm used to not restricting myself on food, so it turned out to be an impossible task for me to go on a diet. I've always eaten unhealthy foods like fast food and convenience foods, but before that it didn't affect my figure that way.

After trying a couple of weight loss products, I finally came across Keto Advanced Fat Burner. I really wanted to change and stop looking in the mirror without disgust, so I decided to order the product.

When I was losing weight, I did not monitor the weight very carefully, so I noticed changes only in the second week, when I changed a little visually. Getting on the scales, I was stunned! I lost 4 kilos in just 9 days! Overjoyed, I even began to eat less fast food and the process went even faster.

I lost almost 20 kilos in 2 months. It remains only to build muscle, and I have already signed up for the gym. The capsules gave me an incredible push to start changing. Buy the drug today and in a month you will not recognize yourself!